Forklift Exchange has grown rapidly over the last year, with the addition of the Wiggins line and the expansion of our servicing territory. 

Because of this, we have been investing and recruiting heavily in the Marina Truck market so we can deliver to YOU the level of service we have always set out to provide.

Some of Our Late Investments:

  • Recently expanded 6-person support team.
  • Over 25 certified road techs in brand new $200k crane & bucket service trucks.
  • Five dedicated shop workers in a crane-served repair & refurbishment facility.
  • Renovation plans to expand & upgrade our shop into a state-of-the-art facility by EOY.
  • Investment in software and telematics for fleet tracking and service response time
  • Support for leading brands of marina trucks, including Wiggins and Hoist, along with a $3MM inventory of genuine parts.
  • Large quantity of stock trucks on order to shorten delivery times.
  • Loaner machines are available 24/7 in the event of a hurricane or severe damage.

The devastation brought by Hurricane Ian (2023) impacted many of your businesses and only magnified the issues we have faced over the past year. Our team worked around the clock to provide backup trucks and make repairs to get your machines operational again as soon as possible. Learning from this, we have made serious investments to prepare for future natural disasters and similar situations to get downed trucks running again faster than anyone else. We are proud to be the only company in the country to have invested as much, specifically in marina truck servicing.

Updated Service Map and Contacts:

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