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The two main brands in North America which manufacture marina forklifts are Wiggins and Hoist.

We recommend buying a capacity that will lift the heaviest boat you move, guaranteeing you can move every boat in your barn with a single forklift. This protects from breakdowns that can leave your client’s boats stranded, and prolongs the lifespan of your forklift as boats continue to get heavier.

Forklift Exchange is proud to be an authorized dealer of both Wiggins Marina Bull and Hoist Neptune forklifts, so we are your one-stop-shop for ordering and servicing your new or used marina forklift. If you’re interested in buying a marina truck, reach out to us for information on our used inventory and new equipment lead times.

Both of these terms refer to lifting a load while operating a marina forklift. Positive lift is when the forks are lifting above ground level, while negative lift is when the forks are moving a load below ground level. Typically, positive lift is used to store and retrieve boats from drystacks, while negative lift is used to lower boats into the water.