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Our Story

Over 40 years ago, Forklift Exchange started when Marty Flaska decided to drop out college, spend the rest of his savings on a broke-down car, and repair it before driving from Wyoming back home to Chicago to set up shop in his own garage, pursuing his dream of being an entrepreneur and business owner. With the experience he gained from growing up watching and helping his father in a small forklift repair shop, Marty and his younger brother Mike started Forklift Exchange from humble beginnings in 1990 and quickly outgrew their garage, turning their startup into an equipment empire with hundreds of machines and locations spanning the entire country.



Years Of Equipment Experience

We’ve perfected the wholesale model by repairing and refurbishing equipment in-house at our facilities, where our teams of trained technicians are available 24/7.

  • Forklift Exchange offers service nationwide, and internationally upon request. 
  • With road technicians across the country, we will minimize downtime and have your equipment back in the field.


Forklift Exchange aims to provide one-stop-shop support to encompass all of our partners’ material handling and equipment servicing needs, striving to set a new standard of quality and consistency for equipment dealers and service. By leveraging our capital, we can offering expedited payments and competitive pricing for customers.


As a nationwide equipment service provider and forklift dealer for several brands, Forklift Exchange believes in continuously evolving our business to best serve our customers amidst the dynamic nature of the material handling industry. Through investing in our team, our facilities, and our product line, we will find the perfect solution for you.


Above all else, Forklift Exchange puts our customers and partners first, no matter the conditions or cost. We understand how critical your equipment is to your business and livelihood, which is why we prioritize loyalty and maintain close relationships with our clients. From routine maintenance to full fleet repairs, we’re always here to help.



Marty Flaska started Forklift Exchange out of his garage in 1980 with the help from his younger brother, Mike Flaska.


Our sales team of Material Handling Industry Specialists is spread between Chicago, IL and Fort Myers, FL.

Our History

Forklift Exchange's Timeline

Our Beginning
Forklift Exchange is Founded

Forklift Exchange is founded out of Marty Flaska's garage alongside his younger brother, Mike, with lofty dreams of becoming a global brand.

First Expansion
New Refurbishing Warehouse - Bedford Park, IL

Forklift Exchange expands its footprint and relocates to a 130,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Bedford Park, IL to serve as the company's headquarters.

Arizona Grand Opening
West Coast Expansion - Phoenix Warehouse

Forklift Exchange opens its second warehouse location in Phoenix, AZ, venturing into the West Coast with a physical location for the first time.

Florida Grand Opening
Southeast Expansion - Fort Myers Location

Forklift Exchange opens its third office and warehouse location at a 5 acre facility in Fort Myers, FL, aimed to better serve the Southeast US.

Indiana Grand Opening
Hoist's Grand Opening in East Chicago, IN

The Flaskas cut the ribbon after relocating Hoist Liftruck's manufacturing to a fully-renovated 550,000 sq.ft. plant in East Chicago.

Downtown Chicago Opening
New Corporate Office Opening - Chicago, IL

Forklift Exchange moved its sales and corporate office from the Bedford Park, IL warehouse to Chicago's bustling and scenic River North district.

Hoist Liftruck Sold to Toyota
Toyota Acquires Hoist

The Flaska Family sells Hoist Liftruck to Toyota North America after 25 years of high-capacity engineering and manufacturing experience. 

Hoist Dealer Milestone
FLE Recognized as Hoist's Largest Dealer

Forklift Exchange became Hoist's largest dealer in the States, with an annual average of $50MM in stock orders across their high-capacity line.

Signed New Dealer Agreements
Wiggins, Taylor, Royal, JMG and Yard Boss

Forklift Exchange signed dealer agreements with Wiggins, Royal, JMG, Taylor and the Yard Boss T-Series to expand their product offerings.

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