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We recommend buying new or used forklifts based on your specific needs and for how long you’ll be using your forklift. Used forklifts are typically cheaper than buying new, and will be a good option if you need a truck temporarily or infrequently. New trucks are great for long-term jobs and tend to hold their resell value longer than used trucks.

If you aren’t sure which forklift is right for you, reach out to us and one of our Machinery Experts will assist in finding the right fit. Forklifts are manufactured for a wide range of different applications with variance in tire type, fuel type, load capacity, loading type, reach capacity, and body width just to name a few.

This depends on the type of application you will be using your forklift for. There are forklift attachments for a variety of applications, but be aware that these will typically change your forklift’s capacity. We can help you figure out what attachment, if any, is right for you and order directly through our OEM suppliers.

Forklifts usually last 10,000 to 12,000 hours before being considered for decommissioning, however this number can be higher or lower depending on the condition it’s kept in, how often it’s serviced, load stress, and other factors related to the wear down of any machine.

Forklift Exchange will offer competitive pricing for any kind of new or used equipment you’re looking to sell. Fill out our “Sell To Us” form in the top banner to find out the best value for your equipment.

Low-capacity or aged forklifts can be as low as $5,000, while high capacity forklifts can cost well above $500,000. It all depends on the condition, load capacity, model, and hours.

Yes, Forklift Exchange offers equipment rentals. Please reach out to determine what equipment you need and to receive a rental quote.

Yes, we accept trade-ins. Please contact us and provide some information on your machine so we can determine its trade-in value.