Forklift Exchange Inc., in partnership with Royal Parts Sales LLC, offers service, support, and refurbishments for ALL legacy Royal Tractor Co forklifts.

For a quote or any inquiries regarding your legacy Royal forklifts, please call us at 913-788-1133.


Royal Tractor Company builds totally customized forklifts and mobile equipment for the industrial materials handling industry. The Liftmaster Series of lift trucks is ideal for extreme high capacity applications. Royal’s lift trucks are designed for greater serviceability, visibility, superior performance and operator convenience. Whether powered by LP, diesel or electric, they come with a full range of specialized handling attachments to meet a wide variety of material handing needs.

As of March 17th, 2023, Royal Parts Sales LLC. is the authorized parts and service provider for the former Royal Truck and Equipment, or known as Royal Forklift.

Moving forward, we will be able to fulfill all your parts and service requests.

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