We promise our customers to continue investing in ourselves, our facilities, and our products to deliver a better world-class product and industry-best service regardless of circumstance. Our most recent step in this promise was a complete renovation of our Fort Myers repair and overhaul facility, both interior and exterior.

Investing over $400,000 in brand-new polished floors, a full-length overhead crane, bright LED lights, six fully-kitted workstations, and additional interior square footage, we have completely revamped our space into a stellar example of a 5S lean work environment. After a fresh paint job both in and outside our building, we are excited to welcome our partners and clients to tour this state-of-the-art facility. Raising the bar as the premier one-stop shop for marina truck sales and service, we know these upgrades will be an incredible asset for our mechanics and customers to have your trucks up and running with minimal downtime.

If you’re in the Fort Myers area and would like to stop by for a visit, please reach out to our Florida team. We’d be happy to show you what we’ve been up to!

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