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The versatile RS Series reach stacker offers material handling solutions for port, intermodal or even industrial operations. Whether it’s stacking containers, loading/unloading trailers or transporting wind turbine components, the RS Series can be adapted to handle a wide array of heavy-lift applications.

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The RS Series features an independently powered moveable cab; inclination and optical distance sensors; and robust boom and attachment structure designed for 1 million cycles. The RS Series offers models and options to accommodate several applications, including front stabilizers for second and third rail operations, and wide twist-lock, pin-style and trailer attachments.

While focusing on robustness and comfort, we also understand that time is money. That’s why the RS Series is engineered to provide optimal operating and fuel efficiency. The high-performance Cummins diesel engine are powerful, yet offer reduced fuel consumption and emissions. Features such as variable pumps adjust oil flow accordingly to provide quicker lifting cycles while also reducing fuel consumption.

As with all Hoist Material Handling equipment, the RS Series is forged in the USA. More than 75% of each truck is manufactured at our Midwest factory with the remaining components sourced from reputable companies, such as Dana, Cummins and Parker.

RS Series

  • Stacking height up to 5 containers
  • Stacking depth up to 3 rows
  • 20-, 40- or 53-foot containers
  • 8’6 and 9’6 containers
  • Up to 99,000 lbs. (50 tonne) capacity

For maximum performance an operator must have all the essential tools around them. The RS Series is designed with advanced ergonomics and safety features for maximum comfort and protection.

  • Meets ANSI B56.1 FOPS operator protection
  • Independently powered, moveable cab moves operator forward/backward for optimal visibility and service access
  • Low, non-skid steps & handrails provide 3-point contact
  • Elevated cab position provides superior all-around visibility
  • Angled overhead window provides excellent upward visibility
  • Tinted glass to protect against glare; sliding side windows; front/rear/overhead wipers
  • Rear window easily opens for emergency exit
  • Dashless cab design for additional leg room and improved visibility
  • Intuitive multi-function single joystick control for ease of use
  • Master digital display unit provides onboard diagnostics, vehicle functions and more
  • Tilt-steering column with directional/gear-shift lever
  • Emergency stop button
  • Adjustable air-ride seat and retractable seat belts
  • Isolated rubber mounts between cab and chassis
  • Insulated floor, cab walls and doors
  • Lockable doors and greaseable hinges
  • Cab heater and operator fan
  • Overhead and boom-mounted work lights
  • Interlock safety system ensures proper locking sequence and overload warning system

Optional Equipment

  • Digital weight scale
  • Air conditioner
  • Battery-disconnect switch
  • Defroster
  • External cab air filtration system
  • Fire suppression systems; fire extinguishers
  • Hydraulic weight scale
  • Impact sensor
  • Overload protection indicator with lift interrupt
  • Pedestrian detection system
  • Pre-cleaner intake filter
  • Removable counterweight
  • Lighting: step lights; additional work lights
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Whole-truck camera/monitoring packages

The LCH Series has a unique mast design that provides excellent visibility and durability, allowing quick and safe empty container handling, as well as decreased maintenance costs.

  • 4-point top pick loaded container attachment with automatic locking vertical twist-locks; extend/retract to handle 8’ ISO containers from 20’ to 53’ long
  • Attachment rotates 185° in one direction; 95° in the opposite direction
  • Automatic pendulum-floating twist-locks with override function; integral carriage with /-30” sideshift; 5° of hydraulic tilt
  • Shackle points to utilize reach stacker as a crane to provide ultimate flexibility for different applications
  • Standard damage prevention system that utilizes ultrasonic sensors to decrease damage to containers and increase longevity of attachment
  • Oversized composite side thrust and main slide pads that are fully adjustable and easily accessible to shim and/or replace
  • Twist-lock engagement indicator lights on boom, as well as inside operator’s cab; interlock safety system ensures proper locking sequence and overload warning system
  • Multiple service and work lights to illuminate vital points on chassis and attachment for late night or early morning operation
  • Inclination sensor and optical distance sensor used for locating precise position of container for safety interlocks
  • Angle and position sensors have no mechanical components for minimal maintenance
  • All components on spreader, including hydraulic valve and cylinders, are outboard and accessible for easy maintenance


  • Scale system to measure load and load of each corner to detect off-center loads
  • Wide-twist-lock position/WTP (8’6”), pin-style and trailer attachments available

A BIG TRUCK needs robust and reliable power in order to operate effectively and safely. The RS Series is powered by a high-performance Cummins diesel engine, three-speed powershift Dana transmission and load sensing hydraulic system, which offer not only power, but also increased productivity and fuel efficiency.

  • Cummins QSM-11, 335 HP turbocharged diesel; Tier-compliant
  • Charge air cooler with side-by-side integral radiator and transmission oil cooler for maximum heat dissipation, air flow and serviceability.
  • Two-stage heavy duty air cleaner with electronic filter restriction indicator and high air intake providing maximum efficiency
  • 12-volt electrical system with 12-volt starter motor and alternator for dependable starting and operation
  • Two (2) 12-volt industrial batteries in parallel rated for 925CCA each for reliable starting in all conditions
  • 160-amp alternator with built-in regulator.
  • Bolt-on high capacity fuel tank for increased run times and ease of maintenance: 155 gallons (587 liters)
  • High-performance, 9-blade fan designed to draw air through coils more effectively, ensuring cooler operation with less debris
  • Dana 36,000 powershift transmission with three forward/reverse speeds
  • Electronic Declutch system for precise movement at higher RPMs
  • 12-plate modulation for smooth shifting and protection against directional change shock loads; gears are constant mesh during shifting
  • Dedicated transmission oil cooler
  • Electronic joystick control allows smooth, comfortable, controlled operation of all functions
  • Load-sense “on demand” steer pump increases vehicle efficiency; 27% more fuel efficient than individual gear pumps
  • High capacity return filter with electronic restriction indicator for maximum efficiency
  • Dedicated External hydraulic oil cooler for reliable performance
  • Bolt-on high capacity hydraulic tank provides additional cooling capabilities and ease of maintenance: 160 gallons (606 liters)
  • CANBus control simplifies wiring; provides diagnostic capabilities
  • Accumulator in lift circuit protects against shock loads

Hoist Material Handling’s line of BIG TRUCKS starts with a strong foundation. The modular design of the RS Series provides excellent serviceability without sacrificing strength or durability. The RS Series has been designed and tested to meet or exceed current, worldwide regulations for stability, sound levels and safety.

Anchoring the RS Series is the 100%-welded steel chassis, which boasts heavy steel cross supports to distributing weight evenly throughout the truck. Bolt-on components, such as fuel and hydraulic tanks, provide additional durability and optimal heat dissipation, as well as easy removal and attachment for repairs or shipping. Integrated lifting points also allow for safe handling and transport.

AxleTech Drive Axle

  • Planetary drive axle rated for durability in high-capacity, off-road applications
  • Force-cooled outboard wet disc actuated brakes reduces premature wear, extending life of brakes
  • Brakes can be serviced through the wheel ends without removing entire drive axle
  • Drive axle is bolted and dowel-pinned in the chassis

Industrial Steer Axle

  • Lockable steer axle for increased stability at elevated load heights
  • Thick top plate on welded beam steer axle provides added strength and durability
  • Dual-action bolt on cylinder is protected by heavy steel support beams and provides effortless power steering
  • Lower maintenance costs due to minimal amount of moving parts
  • Easy-access lubrication points
  • Sealed tapered roller bearings
  • High-impact greaseable composite trunnions


  • Two-part rust-inhibiting polyurethane base coat and two-part polyurethane top coat for corrosion protection
  • Majority of components are powder-coated, which is up to 10 times thicker than traditional spray paint resulting in greater scratch and chip resistance
  • Environmentally friendly; produces virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

We understand the importance of being able to service your lift truck easily and efficiently. Whether it’s routine maintenance or on-site service call, the RS Series is designed to allow easy access to all integral components to minimize downtime.

Reach the entire drivetrain, hydraulics and filters via hinged panels and hoods supported by gas shocks. The popular hydraulic diagnostic multi-gauge provides operators and technicians various hydraulic pressure readings with just a twist of the dial, eliminating the need to tap into individual hydraulic lines.

Every component on the RS Series is sourced from a reputable vendor or manufactured by Hoist Material Handling. Utilizing the same domestic components throughout our product lines provides you with not only cost savings, but also a large inventory of parts available for immediate shipment.

The RS Series comes with a standard 12-month/2,000-hour warranty (parts and labor) with optional extended warranties up to 12,000 hours.


Utilizing CANbus technology, RemoteTech is a vehicle management system incorporated into the RS Series that provides onboard diagnostics and vehicle functions through a master digital display unit. RemoteTech’s master digital display unit replaces gauges, such as speedometer, fuel and engine temperature, allowing comprehensive vehicle monitoring from a central hub.

Vehicle functions, such as lifting and vehicle speeds, can be quickly adjusted remotely in just a few minutes. Service technicians can also quickly detect issues through RemoteTech’s master digital display unit and view or download the vehicle’s fault code history.

  • Unlike similar systems that rely on third-party companies to program and troubleshoot the system, RemoteTech is programmed and operated by Hoist Material Handling.
  • Automatically detects issues such as clogged filters, overheated engine, vehicle overload and more
  • Decreases downtime and repair costs by detecting and resolving issues early
  • Parameters such as lifting speeds and fingertip control functions can be quickly and easily customized to fit operator preference
  • Ideal for fleet management; record and monitor engine hours, service intervals and operator usage


Nick Marshall

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