Rentals – Construction Equipment Rentals Including Forklifts from JCB, Hoist & Nissan. 

Forklift Exchange has rental equipment from 5,000lb – 100,000lb Capacity

 We offer a variety of forklift rental options to fit your need’s whether its a one day rental unloading a truck or a long term rental moving machines we can fill that order.  With help from our sister company Hoist Liftruck mfg. we have the ability to build to spec equipment for your long term rental needs, using anything in the hoist model line up. 

Call 800-423-7600 to Reserve Rentals.

Hoist F220 (22,000lb Capacity) Cusion Tire ForkliftModel Specs$650$1900$5500
Hoist F300 (30,000lb Capacity) Cusion Tire ForkliftModel Specs$650$2500$6500
Hoist New FR25/35 Extendable Counter Weight Forklift. 25,000lb/30,000lbModel Specs$800$2800$6500
Hoist New FR40/60 Extendable Counter Weight Forklift. 40,000lb/60,000lbModel Specs$1100$3300$9900
Hoist New FR6080 Extendable Counter Weight Forklift. 60,000lb / 80,000lbModel Specs$1800$5000$15000
JCB 135 Skid SteerModel Specs$250$750$2100
JCB 225T Skid SteerModel Specs$350$1000$2500
Nissan Light Duty 5000lb Capacity ForkliftModel Specs$150$450$1100
Nissan Light Duty 8000lb Capacity ForkliftModel Specs$275$750$1800
Nissan Light Duty 5000lb Electric ForkliftModel Specs$175$550$1300
Nissan 3500lb Capacity 3 Wheel Electric ForkliftModel Specs$145$475$1050
Hoist M250 Marina ForkliftModel Specs$1100$3300$7500
JCB 3CX BackhoeModel Specs$350$1100$2500
JCB 510-56 Telehandler Reach 4×4 ForkliftModel Specs$475$1600$3600
Hoist P360 Diesel Pneumatic ForkliftModel Specs$650$1850$5500
Hoist P520 Diesel Pneumatic ForkliftModel Specs$1200$3600$10500